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You can try to choose human hair extensions

May 18, 2017 12:52:44 PM

Hair extensions made from human hair are fast becoming more popular than the synthetically made extensions that have been available. They are used for many different reasons, to add length to your own short hair, to add volume to your own hair, to have colour added to your hairstyle without actually dying your own natural hair.


Human hair extensions will generally last at least three months, depending on the way the extensions are looked after, you cannot use them again unless you use Indian or European 'virgin' remi hair as this can be removed from your natural hair and reused. They can be cut & styled just the same as natural hair; if you use them these can also be styled using hair tongs or straighteners. The synthetic hair type cannot as they could burn if subjected to extreme heat.


Human hair extensions can be washed normally as you would your normal hair, you should ask for advice concerning the after care of your extensions though as some normal everyday shampoos can be harmful.


You can purchase human hair extensions in the form of ponytails, braids and also hairpieces too that just clip on. The clip on extensions cannot be detected at all when attached and so look just like your natural hairstyle.

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