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Wigs for cancer patients online

May 4, 2017 12:35:33 PM

Unless you have a friend or family member that has had chemotherapy, it is rare that you have ever given much thought to wigs for cancer patients. Perhaps you shop at a boutique or jewelry store and have encountered the same sales person a few times, then you also may have encountered her wearing a new wig. If you feel comfortable with her you may ask her about her new hair do. She might reply that she had chemotherapy and it is a wig. But other than those occurrences, it is not a topic you think about.


Wigs for cancer patients are a big business. These wigs are made slightly different than the wig you might see at the hair dresser or beauty sales shop.Another reason you may think about wigs for cancer patients is if you might be diagnosed with a form of cancer and may be looking to have chemotherapy yourself. So maybe it is time to give some thought to the subject of wigs for cancer patients.


If a person is looking at getting a wig to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Wigs come in natural hair, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.

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