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What You Should Know About Lace Wigs

Oct 13, 2014 7:48:08 PM

Wigs have different shapes and sizes, so as to adapt to each one.A custom wig and ready-made wig.Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.When you decided to attend a lace wig, there are some points to keep in mind.

Custom or off-the-shelf lace wigs are best.It is always a better choice, because health is very important in order to achieve the perfect appearance.Wearing a wig is the whole idea of the charm of nature.If you don't have a good health, it will be obvious, your efforts will be wasted.Many people suffer from diseases and medical conditions such as alpaca with lace wigs, they need to look good.

Suit your face: Wigs should accentuate the face. They should complement not discredit it. Your face comes in its own shape and structure, accept and work around that. Choose the wig depending on whether your face is round, oval, pear-shaped, square, heart-shaped or oblong. Even if you want to undergo a drastic change in your look and style, ensure that it suits you.

Once you have done that you must then choose the type of wig.

Types of Lace wigs: There are two main types of lace wigs: Full lace and Front Lace. Full lace wigs are more breathable and comfortable to wear. These can be parted anywhere on the scalp. Front lace wigs have lace at the forehead of the wig and are more natural and undetectable. These however cannot be pulled back into a ponytail. Both types require periodic maintenance and have a life span of about 6 months.

You can now choose the type of base for the full lace wigs.

 Types of bases: You have a choice between French Lace and Swiss lace. Both are lightweight and very popular. The French lace is available in various colours and is more durable as well. The lace base is a very important choice to make. First timers should use French lace wigs since Swiss lace requires a lot more care and attention to maintain.

Types of hair: You can choose to have human or synthetic hair for the wig. The human hair is more natural and easier to style as well as maintain, just like you own hair. One of the best human hairs is Rimy hair.

Type of adhesive: As you need to attach the lace wigs to your hair, you would need a good adhesive. You can either choose between tape and an adhesive that is safe for human use.

Styling: You can style your lace wig even after you put it on. This offers good scope for the stylist to work on you and correctly frame the hair to your face. Your hair can be tied into a ponytail if needed. Many other styling options are possible with lace wigs.

When you decide on wearing  lace front wigs, make sure you go the length to make it perfect as well.

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