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What Are Hair Extensions?

Jun 5, 2017 1:47:24 PM

Would you like to change your short hair to long hair in a short minute. Would you like to change your hair style in a short minute. Then hair extensions can help you achieve this.


Hair extensions are preferred by celebrities which suit s them for various occasions. They are available in different lengths also. Usage of these products definitely changes the look of a personality. People who are having short hair and desired to have hairs like celebrities, hair extension can be used. Not only the use of Extension but also maintaining it by care is most necessary step to be done by the usage directions because as frequently as we start using the hair extensions it becomes dull and unhealthy. So, much care is needed to keep the extensions in a good condition to wear.


Variety hair extensions are available in the market. People need to be aware of the varieties and buy those which suit them. Products like strand by strand extension, weft extensions are applied in different sections of hair through weaving, gluing and heat fusing into the hair which requires a salon visit every time we need to wear and also the prices are high for such type. Clip-in-Extensions are the ones which is competitively less when compared to strand and weft extensions. This type of extension can be attached to different sections of the hair through metal clips which can easily slide anywhere in the hair.

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