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The Advantages of Clip In Hair Extensions

Feb 23, 2017 5:06:58 PM

Clip in hair extensions can give an instant transformation to the way you look. They are convenient and can change the length, thickness and colour of your hair. Unlike permanent extensions they can be fitted at home in minutes without the need of an expensive hair stylist. You can also have the freedom of experimenting yourself with different colours and lengths to find the look that you want.


One of the main benefits to clip in extensions is that you can provide added length to your natural hair with ease. You simply clip in the hair extensions as and when you want longer hair and your hair will be transformed, creating the look you are hoping to achieve and giving you the perfect finish to your hairstyle, whether it's to create a long ponytail or whether it's to create luscious locks that drape around your shoulders when going out with friends or family.


Clip in hair extensions can be used for special occasions rather than all the time and are meant to be temporary. They can be used for occasions like your wedding, a hot date or if you want to shine at your prom. There are so many occasions that they can be used for, the sky is the limit. You can have short hair one day and flowing locks the next. You can also have blonde highlights or use funky colours such as blue, pink or purple. It depends on the occasion and the look you want to achieve.


Clip in hair extensions last longer because you do not wear them all the time. If you use them for Special occasions and look after them when you are not wearing them, they should last you a long time. Permanent extensions however will not last nearly as long and it can become an expensive process.


The final benefit is that clip in hair extensions is the affordable price. When compared to the semi-permanent options, you will find clip in extensions are considerably cheaper, enabling you to transform your hairstyle without breaking the bank.



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