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Short Wigs Also Need Hair Net

Sep 3, 2014 7:31:16 PM

We have already mentioned how with long wig, so how to wear a short wig, let us carefully study! What kind of people like to wear a short wig? Long time ago, we always think that only men wear a short wig, and now the girls are like short hair, short wig to make them look as capable and energetic. For example, the now very popular short wave head, it is also a short wig.

Men like to wear short hair wigs, it is because of his sparse hair, looks ugly, so they need a wig. This is to cover up their own shortcomings. Most people will not use the original Portal repair hair, they wear a short wig directly, they do not care how others think, they do not scruple to their original hair will appear, as long as the hair does not appear there is a no one, which will be good, so they will not be embarrassed. As long as you wear a wig, your image will be changed for the better.

   It would be good if you set the buttons inside the wig adjusted. They think it's too much trouble.

   But now today's young people, especially, the mainstream boys, their pursuit of wearing a wig. They wore wigs to pursue beauty and change their hairstyle. So their quality and style of the wig is very strict, they require not only comfortable, but also request looks beautiful. And his hair is not exposed, so they will embarrassment, will be laughed at.

   So Portal is necessary if you want to wear a wig, then, first of all, we should be prepared to fake Portal bag, then open the mesh bag and began to mesh bag from head to head, and then we head to let the mesh bag mesh bag to stay in the neck , neck, and then start up worn by the next, and set it well, then hand the mesh bag open, direct wig, after put on, straighten your wig!

Short hair wigs for women, if the girl's hair is very short, wearing a wig methods are the same way the men's wig. But if you have long hair, you can wear a wig, but also articles in my hair is long, how do I do if I want to wear a wig, we have introduced!

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