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Shopping for Synthetic full lace wigs

May 25, 2017 1:33:54 PM

Synthetic full lace wigs have become quite popular. We often see many people wear this wigs.Synthetic hair full lace units are a bit different from other wigs. Thus there are many versions of synthetic hair available on the market. There are synthetic fibre that is heat resistant and can take up to 150 degrees of heat, then there are those that feel just like human hair but cannot take heat. Many manufactures aim to reinvent the synthetic fibre. For example there is this new type of hair called Kapenzo Bio, where it's not necessarily human or synthetic but in between. It feels like human hair but has the tendency to react like synthetic. Firstly, you cannot blow dry it, yet you can apply a low level of heat to provide styling versatility.


To completely understand what synthetic full lace wigs are, you must comprehend the makeup of the product. First, a full lace wig is one made entirely out of lace, where you can place the wig up in a high pony tail, part it as far back as possible and it provides more style versatility. Secondly a synthetic unit is one that is not human hair. It tends to feel silky or coarse and has a short life span. Some prefer synthetic units because it retains the shape of the texture. For example a curly human hair unit will eventually lose its curl where a synthetic unit does not. The curls retain its shape but the quality of the hair will deteriorate.


When considering a full lace wig, its best to take your lifestyle into account. If you're one that enjoys changing wigs and trying new styles and textures, yet you would like it to appear as natural and undetectable, then a full lace synthetic wig would best suit you. However, if you're one who prefers consistency and simplicity with your wigs, then a human hair wig will suit you best.

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