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Men wigs and men toupees

May 8, 2017 3:44:42 PM

Men's wigs are becoming more and more popular. Balding patterns in men is very predictable and it usually starts as a really small bald spot right at the tip of your head. It then gradually starts working its way down to the sides of the head until you are only left with hair at the sides. Balding me rarely lose all their hair since the typical balding pattern just causes hair at the top of the head to fall out.


The reason why men toupees were often made fun of is because it looks so funny. Because it only covers the top of the head it tends to look unnatural. Its often a slightly (or in some cases an extremely) different color than the hair at the side of your head. It also don't always sit that tightly on your scalp and often a strong wind can blow it right off your head. Men's wigs are different though.


While a toupee just covers your bald spot, a wig is designed to sit over your entire head and to replace your hair completely. The latest wigs are very good and look very natural. they also sit very tightly on your head and can look very natural if you pick the right color and style.


Men's wigs is no longer something to be ashamed of. If you are someone who is suffering from hair loss and all treatments have failed for you then this is definitely something worth looking into.

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