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How to wash your lace wig

Nov 11, 2014 7:41:53 PM

Washing your lace wig is extremely important if you want it to last long and look good, while conditioning will give it a soft feel and a glimmering appeal. Your lace wig should be thoroughly washed and conditioned preferably once a week or once every two weeks to avoid excessive wear.

All you need to start with is a wide tooth comb and a mannequin or a foam wig head and you are on your way. Foam wig heads are more convenient to use as they are light weight and the wig can be secured onto it using pins.

1. First comb through the hair in straight strokes from the end of the hair and work your way up, this will remove tangles and knots.classic wigs

2. Place the wig in the sink, still on the mannequin and saturate it with warm water.

. Pour your shampoo into a spray bottle with water and spray the shampoo onto the hair instead of applying it directly.

4. Gently run your fingers through the hair. Do not rub it into the unit as this will cause it to tangle.

5. Gently rinse the shampoo from the unit by placing it under a stream of water and massaging it down towards toward the ends of the hair.classic wigs for women

You unit is now clean and is ready for conditioning. To condition, apply deep conditioner in the same manner as shampooing using a spray bottle. Allow the conditioner to work on the hair for about ten minutes. Use luke warm water to rinse the conditioner out, never use hot water.  Ensure that all residue has been removed thoroughly.

When you are sure that all the conditioner has been rinsed out, gently squeeze the hair to remove the water. This is to be done gradually and very careful to avoid tangling. Use a soft absorbent hand towel or cloth to remove excess water by carefully rubbing it through the hair. Do this slowly and thoroughly to ensure all the water is gone and you do not end up with a tangled mop of hair.

You can lay your unit on a dry towel to dry instead of hanging it to dry. Laying it out will preserve the shape of your unit. Do not use a hair dryer or any heat source to dry the wig as this will heat up the water on the unit and could damage the wig. Comb out any tangles using the wide tooth comb. After your unit is now dry, you can also use a flat iron or a curling tongs to style it to your preference.classic lady wig

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