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How to Wash and Set your Wig

Nov 14, 2014 8:17:29 PM

For those of us who wear a wig, and I believe that you will agree with my point of view, to complete your wig every few weeks can be expensive.In addition, sometimes the stylist just don't understand what you want, you don't like it, you left a wig to wear every day!And then there are some people who gave up the whole wig, insists that the hood or away from it because the cost of cleaning first and set or to complete the trouble.But hey!We have a perfect solution.Why don't you try and set up your wig to wash yourself?You don't pay, you can do is do you like it!This is not as difficult as it seems, all you need is two basic wig began to supply.Follow a few simple steps, your wig will be as you like it.

There are many different ways to set a wig, we provided you with one of the ways.

Take your wig that has to be washed and brush it. Don’t forget to brush the front exactly how you want it to be parted (front bang, side part, middle part, etc.).

Place and hold your thumb on the front part (middle, side, etc.) and put the rest of your hand inside the cap.

Turn on the sink and using luke warm water, wet the whole wig. Your thumb should stay at the part throughout the whole washing.

Put a little bit of shampoo on your right hand (it doesn’t have to be any specific type or brand of shampoo) and gently apply it to the hair sliding from top to bottom.

Rinse it out under luke warm water. Make sure you get all the shampoo out.

Some people like to add conditioner to give it a smooth feel. If you want to, apply it only to the ends and keep away from the cap and then wash it out.

Take your wig and put it on a towel. Take the towel and close it up to make the wig be inside the towel. Let it dry there for 15 minutes.african american wigs

Take your wig and with T-pins, place it on a Styrofoam wig head.

Now that it’s washed, you have to set it!

For straight hair, blow dry your hair part by part (to separate the parts you can use a sectioning comb and hold it in place with jaw clips) with a blow dryer and a hot round brush or bobby vent brush. The hot round brush is great for making a bit of waves and volume and the bobby vent is great for a more straight and full look. You can flip the ends in or out or simply leave it fall straight. If you’d like it even straighter, don’t be afraid to iron it a little bit (of course NEVER do this to synthetic wigs and only if the wig is 100% dry!!) Always make sure not to hold the blow dryer to close to the cap as the heat may be too strong for it and could burn it.african american wig

For curls, you can either use a blow dryer with a hot round brush or a curling iron. If you use a curling iron don’t let it sit on the hair for too long or it may burn.

For beach waves and the natural look let it sit on the wig head over night to air dry. Then you can blow it a bit or use a wand (similar to a curling iron but much thinner and has no clip to hold the hair in place) to give it some wave and volume.

To touch up a wig or if you prefer not to use hot tools on your wig rollers are the perfect thing! Just take one chunk of hair at a time and with the rollers flip it in the direction you want.african wigs,african american wigs au

Once your wig is set, you’ll want to keep it in good condition and give it the best care.

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