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How To Take Good Care Of Your Wigs

Dec 23, 2016 1:58:52 PM

People often ask, "How often do I need to wash my wig"? The answer depends on several factors such as how often it is worn (is it worn every day or only occasionally). Also the environment that it is exposed to will also have an effect, as hot, dry and dusty conditions will mean the wig may need to be washed more often than normal. Generally your wig should be washed "as needed", for instance if only worn once but in a very dusty/dirty environment then it will need to be washed. Alternatively if only worn for a few hours while out for dinner then you may only need to air it thoroughly.


How to wash your wig

Blend well, one tablespoon of Wig shampoo in a large tub of cool to lukewarm water (one tablespoon of baking soda can be added to help break down makeup and body oils). Ensure the water is not too hot, as using hot water can damage the fibre of the wig, particularly synthetic fibres.

Totally immerse your wig in the solution and leave to soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

Gently swirl your wig around in the solution. Vigorous agitation is unnecessary and can cause excessive tangling and knotting of both Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair Wigs, so be gentle.

Please Note: If you have make up around the front forehead area, you can lightly scrub it with an old soft toothbrush using a paste of baking soda and wig shampoo mixed together. Baking soda is a good cleaning booster that will assist to cut heavy make up stains and residue left on the hair line.


Please Note:

1. Don't comb the curly synthetic wigs and hairpieces as they can lose their curl. Today's synthetics pieces are made to maintain their curl. Brushing of curly Human Hair pieces should also be dome with care.

2. In the absence of a proper Wig Shampoo we recommend a good quality Salon Shampoo sold in professional Hairdressing salons and Hair dressing suppliers.

3. There is many tips and tricks that people have for caring for a wig. Wigs Online has many wig care products and provides instructions for caring for your wig. We also invite people to post any helpful wig care tips on our advice page.

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