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How to Take Care of a Long Wig

Sep 19, 2015 4:47:25 PM

A wig is a typical kind of covering for head. It is either made of artificial or real hair. Available both for men and women, this kind of hair piece is usually worn for adornment or for concealing the baldness. Here in this article we will basically deal about how to take care of long wigs.


First let us deal with women synthetic wigs. They require very little maintenance and do not have to be restyled after every wash. Moreover, they do not react to bad weather. Thus this kind of hairpiece is perfect for rainy or humid days. One thing that needs to be remembered is that always use hairsprays, conditioners and shampoos that are specially formulated for synthetic hair extensions. Also remember that a synthetic wig cannot be styled with a curling iron, blow dryer or hot roller. Heat can destroy the wig and so it is advisable to keep it away from ovens, lamps etc.


It is also important not to wash the hairpiece very often. Washing it after 10-12 wears is fine. Remember that every wash shortens the life of the wig. When a lot of styling products like mousse or spray is used on the wig, it needs washing very often. So, it is better not to use too much of styling products. Also don't wash it until it needs to be washed. So, caring for a synthetic long wig is really easy.


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Now we will deal with how to take care of human hair wigs. These hair pieces must be your premier choice if you want luxury and versatility. They can be styled in endless ways. They last for long but using wrong washing techniques or products reduces the life expectancy of the wig. So, you must be very careful while washing them. First thing you need to do is remove the tangles with a comb. Then rinse the hairpiece in cool water. Never soak it in basin. Apply shampoo specially made for human hair extension using the fingers and the rinse in cold water for removing the shampoo. Pat it gently with a towel for removing the excess water. Never squeeze. Place the long wig on a wig stand and let it air dry. You can give the wig your desired style once it dries up.


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