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How to Protect Our Wigs

Aug 20, 2014 6:39:57 PM

While you choosing the human hair wigs,you need to consider the hair style with your age, your face shape, and your head size.For example, wavy hair curly hair is popular among young people.Goose egg type face could wear any hair style, face fat person is not suitable for long hair, melon seeds face of choice of long hair, face delicate person can choose shawls long hair with bangs.In addition, the broad face of avoid by all means use wave curl, and should choose vertical hair wigs.A slender women selected hairstyle appropriate is small, can avoid top-heavy.Tall women, hairstyle is wider .Wigs are divided into full and half set of two, a full set of wigs can make their favorite style.

Wigs are divided into two parts-full and half set, a full set of wigs can make their favorite style, such as braid and pigtails .Half of wigs should pay attention to the coordination hair,.Wig cannot be shorter than the original hair, don't leave sideburns, grasp the point of view, to achieve a convincing effect.

Human hair wig is generally made of rayon, very different from long hair on the scalp which is infected with dirt and stick together easily, adverse to the scalp health.So the wig should pay attention to regular cleaning or commonly used comb in order to clean out the dirt on the wig. Wigs need to be washed once half a month .While cleaning , first, you must put the wig with a small amount of shampoo and put it in a basin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse gently, thin with comb tine get the dirt out of the wig, hard twist avoid .With a dry towel pat water after washing, comb with the comb to the original hair style, place it under the shade to dry, avoid exposure and hair dryer. Long hair on the scalp can get nutrition of the human body, but the human hair wigs have no nutrition, to protect good wig normal luster, after each wash and dress can rub a little on the wig hair oil. When a wig for a long time need not when, should be put into the box after cleaning or model coupled with plastic cover, can not only keep the original hairstyle, but also avoid the dust and the invasion of the bacteria, do not optional folding or kept in a clothes.

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