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How To Buy A Wig

Oct 8, 2014 8:42:25 PM

Tips On Buying African American Wigs

Ask Your Hairstylist

The very first thing you need to do before buying a wig is to consult your personal hairstylist. There are myriad options available in the market and there is always a risk that you might end up choosing the wrong one. Your personal hairstylist is the only person who knows what will suit you the best and what options are available in the market. Listen to his/her advice and then make a choice.

Choose The Color Wisely

Buy a african american wig whose color is very close to your natural hair color. Try a shade lighter, if you are undergoing chemotherapy, as your skin tone is likely to change. Moreover, if the color of the wig is too gaudy, it will make your face look pale. Check the wig under natural sunlight to understand its color better. Ask a beautician or a cosmologist to suggest the best color for you.

Shape Of Your Face

Before buying a wig, consider the shape of your face as well. Different shapes require different wigs. If you have ever purchased a wig and found that it made your face look too round or made your head look too large, then perhaps you have chosen a wig designed for a facial shape other than your own. As far as hairstyle is considered, each facial structure has its own special requirements.

Size Of Your Head

Another important thing is to know the size of your head, so that you can get the precise african wigs size that will fit your head well and won’t fall off. Push your hair back from your forehead and sides. Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. Begin from the hairline in the middle of your forehead and go behind your ear down to the nape of your neck where your hairline is, go round, up behind the other ear and back to the starting point. Note down the number of inches on the tape measure. Next, measure from your hairline at the front over the crown of your head and down to your nape. The last measurement to be taken is to begin in front of one ear where your hairline is, go over the crown of your head down to the top of the other ear. When you have got your measurements, refer to the table below to get your correct wig size.

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