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Have Fun With Wigs

Sep 13, 2014 4:04:39 PM

There are so many different kinds of human hair wigs it can be hard to know what all the terms mean. Here at Beauty Trends, we offer a number of different wigs. We offer Lace Front Wigs. Many people preferred lace front because it gets a natural appearance at the hairline. So if you like, you can pull it off you face and it will not be noticeable as a wig. We also offer hand tied wigs. With hand tied, you are able to style in different ways. Due to the fact, each strand of hair is tied on one by one. Another type we offer is Monofilament Wig. If the wig has a monofilament top or part it will look like skin. The left or right simulated part you cannot change the location of the part. The Ultra Light Weight wig is very light and allows hair to flow through your scalp. There is also 100% human hair. You treat the human hair wigs just like to do your know hair. You can us heat on them, dye them. Everything you do to your hair you can do to a human hair wig.

There are three main types of synthetic wigs, all of which are considerably cheaper than real human hair wigs. The least expensive of these is toyokalon, followed by kanekalon, and the industry preferred monofilament variants. While many people believe that wigs made from animal hair, such as yaks, are considered synthetic wigs, this is not the case.

However even if you pick the perfect type of wig, style it perfectly and apply the perfect amount of product but apply it poorly, your wig will still make you look goofy. So what should you do to make sure that when you walk out the door you can be proud of the wig you are wearing? The first thing a person can do is to apply a wig cap, these will not only cover up a lot of the wigs meshing, but it will keep your hair neatly contained as well. Not only that but by applying a wig cap under a wig you are giving the pins used to keep the wig in place something to grab onto. Many people are concerned that they may have too much hair or that it is too thick to use a cap, however this is almost never true. However if you are struggling with this here are some tips that could help you out. First wet your hair as this will condense it and make it easier to manage. Then you should twist it into an upside down ponytail at the base of your skull and then pull it back over your head. After this simply apply the cap, many people are surprised by how much hair one of these caps can contain.

The second thing that many people neglect when applying wigs is to use hairpins and not bobbypins. As stated earlier the two rows of teeth and extra weight make the hairpin much better at securing a wig to the head of a person. To do this you should apply them all around the edge of the wig in pretty much every angle you can think of, once you have enough pins in place you should be able to shake your head, jump up and down, dance jiggle or do whatever without worrying about the wig falling off.

Finally another common mistake in applying wigs is how people put them on. Cheap human hair wigs should always be put on from front to back by tilting your head forward,  applying the front edge of the wig across your scalp and slowly pulling the wig back across your head and down the back of your scalp.

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