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Grey Wigs May Your Best Choice

Sep 10, 2014 1:04:21 PM

I don't think you shave all the hair in the early years of sick, but when you know that your hair is about to fall out, it is necessary to buy you  grey wigs.And the sooner the better.

First of all, when you enter into stage of chemotherapy, the less hair The more you will feel like going to a wig shop to buy a wig.You may feel not adapt, but for the sake of your beautiful, you still want to try.

If you want to shop for a grey wigs for women style that is similar to your own hairstyle, obviously sooner is better than later. Another piece of advice here though, is don’t worry so much about matching up to your present style. The most important part of wig selection is choosing the right color. The right color can make or break how your wig looks, or rather how you look in the wig.

My next piece of advice is if you can afford it, buy more than one wig. It’s nice to have two options. If possible, spend a little more on one and then buy another cheaper one for those whenever times.
Some people prefer wigs made from real hair, but they are more expensive and I’ve been told more difficult to take care of as well. Just think of your own hair, is it really all that easy to take care of? Probably not. So the easiest and most economical way to go is the synthetic route.
There are some amazing wigs available now, take advantage.
There are numerous catalogs offering very good choices as well as very good prices. If possible, I would suggest going to a store for at least one wig. Let’s face it; everything looks great on a model in a catalog. You can’t really tell how the greay human hair wigs are going to look on you until you try it on.
I shopped at a Merle Norman Store and the experience was wonderful. Well, wonderful is a stretch. I mean I was shopping for a wig because I was going to have chemo and lose my hair, but you know what I mean. I tried on a lot of wigs in a lot of colors and the sales person was compassionate and extremely helpful; so much so, I don’t even mind “plugging” them here.
Shopping at a retail store in person was the way to go for me. If you do decide to shop by catalog, be sure to check the return policy over carefully.

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