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Full Lace Wigs

Oct 22, 2014 6:10:25 PM

Lace wigs come in different sizes, shapes, forms and types. The principle behind lace wigs is that you use an adhesive to set the wig in place on your head. The adhesives are placed on the hairline of the lace wig so that the wig will attach to the skin of the wearer. Since this is the case, there are two types of lace wigs. These are the full lace wigs and the lace front wigs. The difference between the two is on how you adhere the wigs to your head.  Full lace wigs are made fully of lace while the front lace wigs have lace in front of the cap. For the benefit of this article, lace front wigs will be discussed more than full lace wigs.

Lace front wigs are lace wigs that only have a lace unit on the front of the lace wigs that starts from the hairline just above the ear and ends on the same area on the other ear. This lace unit is where you apply the adhesive on.

On the other hand, lace front wigs are made from lace and human hair or synthetic hair. The lace is used as a base where the individual hair strands are hand tied onto the lace. Making a lace wig is a very meticulous procedure

Lace front wigs are worn by a lot of performers and celebrities before but it was only recently that lace front wigs are considered as an important fashion trend. However, it is not only important to the fashion world but it also provides a good solution for people who are suffering hair problems due to old age or a particular illness.

Lace front wigs also give the wearer and other people an illusion that you are wearing your natural hair. Another benefit of wearing lace front wigs is that it is very light and convenient to wear unlike regular wigs. Moreover, since the hair strands are meticulously hand tied on the lace, the wearer can easily style the hair as the hair can conform to any styling options that the wearer might have in mind.

Front full lace wigs are very comfortable to wear. In fact, a person wearing one will not be able to notice that he or she is wearing a wig. The lace allows air to go underneath the wig to allow ventilation on the skin underneath. This prevents the head from overheating.  Other wigs simply don’t have this feature.

However, the downside of lace front wigs is that they come in quite expensive due to the fact that they are hand-made meticulously. This is the reason why there are a lot of manufacturers who are trying to sell human hair lace front wigs at lower cost. However, synthetic lace wigs do not last too long and are prone to break easily if too much heat is applied to it like blow drying. Proper care should be observed for this kind of wig.

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