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Full Lace Wigs- Advantages And Proper Maintenance

Sep 15, 2015 4:36:32 PM

Wearing wigs is a perfect choice for women who wants to cover a bad hair day or wanting to achieve a different hairstyle. Lace wig is among one of the top picks when it comes to wig because it comes in many styles like straight, curly, hand-tied or anything you want to do with your wig. Using full lace wigs gives you many advantages that makes it the best solution for more natural looking wigs. Here are some pros you can get by using full lace wigs.


Full lace wigs are more flexible than other lace wigs available in the market. They help in hiding hair abnormalities such as baldness, hair loss or a diminishing or retreating hairline.


Appears more realistic and natural since they are made from human hair and cap is made up of thin lace which is softer and more durable and is more comfortable to wear. You can use this to replace your own hair while waiting for the hair to grow or if you think your hair is to dull and you need to look beautiful.


 Long Wavy Full Lace Black Celebrity Hairstyle Wigs


 If properly taken care of, these full lace wigs can lasts a longer time and to help you with proper hair care maintenance, here are some guidelines. Keep the wig clean. After use, you must ensure that all glue residues must be removed from the hair. When you are not using your wig, store it on the wig holder and in a dry place to maintain its shape. Frequent combing of the wig makes the hair maintain its natural look although you must be very careful when brushing. It is best to start from the ends to the top. Use a ventilated wig brush to comb the hair. Do not expose the hair from extreme heat that can bring damage to the ends and make it dry. Even using hair dryers on lace wigs is not advisable because once hair are damaged it may be hard to repair.


It is important not to put products directly to the hair especially with products that contain high level of alcohol that can cause shedding or breakage. Use a spray with warm water and a tablespoon of shampoo in washing your wigs, spray the mixture evenly and use a wide tooth comb to work through the hair then rinse with cool water. It is also best to apply small amount of conditioner to the wig for a long lasting shine and softness. Once done washing the hair, use a towel to dry the hair and let it dry naturally.


Wigway are available in wide variety of styles of full lace wigs for you to choose, which are more lightweight and easier to use than traditional wigs.

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