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How To Wash Hair Extensions

Nov 23, 2017 4:59:11 PM

Here are some way to wash hair extensions.

If you're the type of person who washes her hair everyday, understand that you don't have to wash your extensions daily. In fact you shouldn't, because you'll be stripping the hair of its natural oils and it'll look scrappy very quickly.

Wash your extensions with a small amount of gentle shampoo, but only after a few days' wear. (NOT baby shampoo, which isn't actually gentle at all.) Make sure to rinse them well so you don't leave a residue of shampoo on the extensions.

Give your clip in human hair extensions a good deep-conditioning treatment from time to time, just as you would your own hair. If you wear and therefore also wash them more often, make sure to give them a treatment more often, too. Once a week would be great.

Apply a good heat-protecting spray to your extensions before you use hot styling tools on them.

Brush and comb your clip in human hair extensions carefully - no tugging! Use your fingers and your patience if you come across a small knot.

To be even more specific, use a wide paddle brush. This type of flat, wood brush has wide rows of wood bristles with ball tips. It helps to eliminate static when your extensions (and your own hair) are dry. And it's the best kind of brush to use for untangling long wet hair.

Though the above way, you can look good care of your hair extensions.

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